Our Resources

To grow one pound of potatoes, it takes 128 liters of water, produces 3 pounds of carbon emissions and we haven’t gotten to the packaging, distributing, and transporting yet. (Source: The Guardian) Think about the fertilizer, the machinery, the labor, the certifications – growing food is already hard enough!

Our Planet Warmer

You thought carbon dioxide was bad? In Canada, fruit and vegetables make up for 45% of the total weight in landfills and when produce decomposes, it emits methane – a greenhouse gas that is up to 28 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Think about the polar bears, now about an ugly-looking apple – the choice is yours. (Source: Washington Post)

Expensive Food

If 58% of all food produced in Canada is wasted, farmers have no choice but to make up for these losses by raising prices for items that make it to the shelf! The cost of a beautiful, picture-perfect Apple is not the cost of growing, packing and transporting that Apple but the cost of the hundreds of pounds of Apples that never made the cut. (Source: CBC News)

People Hungry

4 million Canadians, including 1.4 million kids, struggle to access healthy food. On the flip side, the amount of food we waste is enough to feed every Canadian comfortably for 5 months. The stigma around ugly produce becomes a barrier in getting the food out to those who need it most. So, take the lead and start a conversation about the diversity of produce!

People Ungrateful

We’re all quite blessed to be living in a country with immense resources, advanced infrastructure, world-class education, and universal healthcare. If we continue to ignore the issue of food waste by focusing on the abundance we see in supermarkets, it makes it much easier to dismiss the problem altogether. Let’s bring back the days where food was judged by taste and not glamour.