Customization FAQ

Customization Instructions & FAQ
We make customization easy to use, just follow a few simple steps!
First Time Order:
Step 1:  Choose your box type and box size (Eg. Mixed Signature)
Step 2: Click “This Week’s Harvest” to check out the list of options!
Step 3: Click “Select Choices” and choose the items you would like in the box by clicking "+" beside the item! You can reduce a serving by clicking "-" as well. This means that the entire box is custom built by you and can be changed week to week :)
Each Week Thereafter:
Step 1: Access “My Account” by clicking the person icon on the top right corner if you are browsing on a computer. If you are on a mobile device, you'll find three horizontal bars - tap them and proceed to sign in!
Step 2: Click “Manage Subscription” - you may have to scroll down to find that button if you're on mobile!
Step 3: Click “View Details” and choose “Upcoming Orders” 
Step 4: Click “Pick Your Selections” and proceed to customize!
Do I have to customize?
The very first time you sign up with FoodFund, you will have to customize your box just so we can get a feel for the items you like! Each week after that, customization is totally optional. If you do not customize, we simply deliver the goodies you chose last time :) 
Does this cost extra?
Nope! You are allowed to swap items every week!
 When can I start customizing?
You can begin customizing Monday evening until Wednesday at 11:59pm. Happy Customizing!