Customization FAQ

Customization Instructions & FAQ
We make customization easy to use, just follow a few simple steps!
First Time:
Step 1:  Choose your box type and box size (Eg. Mixed Fruits and Vegetables, 15lbs)
Step 2: Click “This Week’s Harvest” to check what our standard box comes with!
Step 3: Click “Select choices” and choose the 1 of each item that you would like in the box. This allows you to swap items in the standard box with the options provided.
Every Time:
Step 1: Access “My Account” by clicking the person icon on the top right corner
Step 2: Click “Manage Subscription”
Step 3: Click “Manage” and choose “Upcoming orders” from the drop down menu
Step 4: Click “Pick your selections” and proceed to customize!
Do I have to customize?
Customization is totally optional! If you love “This Week’s Harvest” as much as we do, then just select the options that are in the standard box!
Does this cost extra?
Nope! You are allowed to swap items every week!
 When can I start customizing?
You can begin customizing Monday evening until Wednesday at 11:59pm. Happy Customizing!