Frequently Asked Questions

What does recovered produce mean?
Recovered produce is fresh fruits and vegetables that are great to eat but are thrown away due to their imperfect appearance and surplus. Click here to learn more about our farmers!

Our Heroes  

What comes in a harvest?
Each week we seek out a big variety of fruits and vegetables that may be either imperfect in appearance or surplus in nature! We do this through our network of growers such as farmers and greenhouses as well as some distributors. With FoodFund, there are no preset boxes! This way you’re able to get the produce you want in your box, delivered to you all while supporting the people who grew it. If it weren't for you, their crop would be wasted and they would suffer the financial losses too :(
Can I customize my harvest?
Absolutely! You don’t want to waste, and we don’t want you to either. This Week's Harvest will break down the options available for each box we offer. You can find this once you decide what box you wish to try - simply head over to that page and click "This Week's Harvest". Once you are ready, simply hit "Select Choices" and pick out your own produce! How awesome is that?! Check out our Customization FAQs for more info!

Signing Up
Is there any commitment?
Nope! We understand that things come up. Whether you go on vacation for a week, or move to another city permanently, there’s no commitment. If you need to skip a week, simply click “Skip Delivery” in your "Manage Subscriptions" before our Wednesday night order deadline. If you need to cancel, please contact us! 
Can I cancel at any time?
Yes, as long as you cancel before the Wednesday night order deadline you won’t be charged for the box! If you feel there was something wrong with a previous box or an issue with the service, we would love the chance to make it right before you decide to cancel.
How often do I receive deliveries?
In London and towns towards and including Woodstock, we deliver every week on Saturday from 8am-1pm! In St. Thomas, Strathroy & Area and Ilderton & Area we deliver on Thursday evenings from 4PM to 9PM. If you need to skip a week, you can click “Skip Delivery” in your "Manage Subscriptions" before our Wednesday night order deadline.
How do friend referrals work?
Don’t let your friends miss out on FoodFund. For each friend you refer you will receive a FREE box, as long as the new sign-up has a different shipping address than yours! Email us to receive your custom referral code! That's right, you could get free produce for life :)
**At our discretion we reserve the right to refuse the free box availed through the referral code**
Your Delivery 
Where do you deliver?
We have officially launched and deliver to London, Ontario! Due to high demand and interest, we have begun to deliver to surrounding areas such as St.Thomas, Woodstock, Ingersoll, Thamesford, Dorchester, Springfield, Aylmer, Putnam, Tillsonburg, Belmont, Ilderton, Coldstream, Poplar Hill, Denfield, Lucan, Granton, Huron Park, Exeter, Strathroy, and Watford.
 If you and a group of friends live nearby and would like to receive FoodFund boxes, please let us know and we will try to accommodate!
Are you launching in other cities?
We are just getting started in London, Ontario and surrounding areas such as St.Thomas, Woodstock, Ingersoll, Thamesford, Dorchester, Springfield, Aylmer, Putnam, Tillsonburg, Belmont, Ilderton, Coldstream, Poplar Hill, Denfield, Lucan, Granton, Huron Park, Exeter, Strathroy, Mount Brydges and Watford. As we experience growth, we hope to expand to other major cities. If you’d like to be notified when we launch in your city, leave your location and email here!
When do you deliver?
We deliver London and Woodstock Route boxes every Saturday morning from 8AM-1PM. St.Thomas, Strathroy Route and Ilderton Route boxes are delivered every Thursday evening from 4PM-9PM. The exact time of delivery cannot be specified as it depends completely on where you are located - whether it is in London or down in Woodstock! We will ring the doorbell or knock to deliver the box. If it is before 9:00 am, you will still receive the text however we will refrain from ringing the doorbell or knocking unless you request for us to do so.
Do I have to be home to accept the delivery?
No! We understand that your time is precious and shouldn’t be wasted waiting for the box to arrive if you have other things to do! Nonetheless, if you are able to stay home, it makes it easier for our drivers to deliver you the box and ensure the produce is fresh! If you would like, you can leave a cooler outside to keep the box fresh too. 
Do you deliver to apartments?
Definitely! During the subscription sign up process, you can leave any notes for us so we can get your box to you. If there is a building name, code to get in the building, or a specific location to leave the harvest - let us know.
What's in the Box 
How will I know what's coming?
We update “This Week’s Harvest” on our website every Monday which includes the options you can build your box with each week. 

Is your produce organic?
We have fully organic boxes and fully conventional boxes. You can find these options at the top of the screen, under "Organic" or "Boxes"

Is it locally grown year round?
In a place like Canada, only limited fruits and vegetables are available local year round. We try our best to source local recovered fruits and vegetables for as long as possible, however during the colder months we do source from distributors so that we can provide this box year round to you!
Can I get other groceries with my harvest?
As of right now, we only offer fruits and vegetables. Let us know if you would be interested in other groceries and which items, as we are always looking for ways to expand and best meet your needs!
What can I do with these fruits and veggies?
We are currently working on including recipes in your box every week so that you can make the most of your FoodFund box! If you love to experiment and have done so with our box, send us a pic on Instagram or Facebook! If you create your own tasty recipe, send it to us so we can include it in an upcoming box or feature it on our website!
What Happens Next?
 When do I get billed?

When you place an order for the first time, you will be charged as soon as the order is placed. For every order after your first, you will be charged every Saturday when you receive the box. 

What is your billing process like?
All of our orders go through our online website through a Credit Card or Visa/Mastercard Debit. All of your information is kept completely private, encrypted, and safe with our secured bank level system. Our payment processing system is called Stripe (, which is used by major companies such as Adidas, Under Armour, Best Buy, Target, AirBnb and more!

Can I skip deliveries or place a hold?
Of course! Like we said, commitments are scary. If you're going out of town or just want to take a break, you can easily place a delivery hold by logging on and clicking skip deliveries! You can enter any amount of time you'd like to go on hold for. Please be sure to skip your delivery or make change by your order cutoff, which you'll see in your account area and during signup! 
What happens to my cardboard box?
Food safety guidelines don’t allow us to reuse boxes however, please feel free to leave the box outside during next week’s delivery and we will pick them up and ensure they are recycled!

Other Questions
I have a cool partnership opportunity!
We would love to hear about it! Send us an email about it: