Sustainable Packaging

Here at FoodFund, everything we do is centered around the core value of sustainability.

Everything from our carrots to our cardboard boxes are recovered. We source boxes which are not fit to fill specific dimension orders. What this means is that when companies order bulk boxes, some of them are produced with 0.5-inch differences in dimensions due to inaccuracies on the production line. Just like our produce, these boxes are no different from their “perfect” counterparts in their function. In doing this, we save boxes from ending up in the landfill and, because these boxes are usually cheaper, we can pass the savings onto our FoodFund Family.

Due to food safety regulations, we are unable to reuse boxes. However, if you are unable to reuse or recycle your delivered box, we would be happy to take care of it for you! Please leave the box outside before your next delivery!