Rescue “imperfect”
or Surplus Produce

Each year, nearly 5 billion pounds of produce goes to waste as it does not meet the cosmetic standards of grocery stores across Canada. But ugly produce is not the only one suffering – its perfect counterparts are shown no mercy either if harvested in surplus. We source, pack and deliver these little guys to your door.

Reduce Hunger

1 in 8 Canadian households do not know where their next meal is coming from. We partner with local organizations and donate thousands of pounds of produce weekly to those in need. We believe access to good food is a right and not a privilege. But without your support, we cannot make it happen

Support Growers

Imagine working 16-18 hours every day to put food on your family’s table. Sound tough? Our growers often work these long hours through the growing season to ensure we have access to fresh fruit and veggies. If their yield isn’t pretty enough for store standards, or if they have too much on hand, they can go without compensation altogether. We work with a network of farms across SW Ontario to ensure they aren’t punished for something they cannot control.

Empower Individuals

Without our amazing team, we would have never been able to create an impact on our social ecosystem. At FoodFund, we empower our team members to give back to the incredible community that supports us.

From sourcing your produce to writing your label, there is a committed, responsible and mission-driven individual that believes in disrupting the notion of perfection.

Grow the FF Family

Fighting food waste is on all us of and we are all in this together. With every passing week, we get closer to our goal. Let’s pledge to be part of this tight-knit family until the sustainable, zero-waste lifestyle is a reality for everyone. So, are you ready to fund the fight against food waste?