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Recovered produce is fresh fruits and vegetables that are great to eat but are rejected from retail markets due to their imperfect appearance and surplus quantities. Click here to learn more about our farmers.
Each week we receive a variety of fruits and vegetables that may be either imperfect in appearance or surplus in nature! We do this through our network of growers such as farmers and greenhouses as well as some distributors. Since we work with recovered produce, some weeks you may receive a Gala apple, while the next week Ambrosias. Exact variety available is dependent on what we recover that week.
Absolutely! You don’t want to waste, and we don’t want you to either. During your customization period, you can shop from a variety of different produce items and other grocery items. You can filter your selections by your dietary needs, preference, etc! 

The order minimum is $25.00. Check if we deliver to you here.

We source our boxes from various companies for much the same reason as we do our produce! These boxes are typically considered off-spec & unusable by manufacturers, so we use them instead!
We are working on eliminating food waste one day and one city at a time! While this may take some time, we hope to reach your area sooner than later. Meanwhile, we’d love it if you followed us on Facebook or Instagram! We’re always sharing what’s new and exciting via these channels. However, if you and a group of friends live nearby and would like to receive FoodFund boxes, please let us know and we will try to accommodate!

Signing up

We’d be happy to have you join the FoodFund family! Signing up is easy. 

Step 1: While visiting our homepage, click the ‘Get started’ button in the top right hand corner.
Step 2: Type in your postal code to see if we deliver to your area. If we do, you can proceed to step 3.
Step 3: Follow the rest of the prompts to register an account, this will include verification of your email.
Step 4: Once signed up, you’ll have your own personal dashboard to view orders and manage your account and the best part is.. you can view the shop!

Thanks for joining us on this journey!

If any issues arise during registration, please contact us here: [email protected] 


Nope – there’s no fine print here! We understand that things come up. Whether you go on vacation for a week, or move to another city, there’s no commitment. If you need to skip a week, simply select ‘Manage order > Skip’ for the corresponding week on your personal dashboard by using the left hand sidebar, select ‘My orders > upcoming orders’ before your respective

order deadline. If you need to cancel your subscription, there are two options.

Option one: On the left hand side sidebar, select ‘My orders’ > ‘upcoming orders’ and click ‘cancel plan’.
Option two: On the left hand side sidebar, select ‘Manage account’ and under Skip orders, click ‘cancel plan’.

Yes – as long as you cancel before your respective customization cut-off, you won’t be charged for the box! If you feel there was something wrong with a previous box or an issue with the service, we would love the chance to make it right before you decide to cancel. Before your cut-off date, send us an email to [email protected] and we can take care of cancelling your subscription.

You can also cancel your subscription in two ways on your personal dashboard.

Option one: On the left hand side sidebar, select ‘My orders’ > ‘upcoming orders’ and click ‘cancel plan’. 
Option two: On the left hand side sidebar, select ‘Manage account’ and under Skip orders, click ‘cancel plan’.

We deliver on a weekly basis by default, however, if you need to skip a week, you can click ‘Skip order’ on your upcoming orders page on your personal dashboard.

We are working on a new friend referral system. Stay tuned.

Your subscription

Of course! Like we said, commitments are scary. If you’re going out of town or just want to take a break, you can easily place deliveries on hold. You can enter any amount of time you’d like to go on hold for (up to 8 weeks). Please be sure to skip your delivery or make changes by your order cutoff time, which you’ll see in your account area and during signup!

To skip an order, on the left hand side sidebar, select ‘My orders’ > ‘upcoming orders’. For the order(s) you’d like to skip, select ‘Manage order’ and then select the skip option. If you made a mistake with skipping an order, you can un-skip it by selecting ‘Manage order’ again.
If it is past the customization period, you can still see what your upcoming delivery will include!  To view your order, you can visit your personal dashboard and you can see your upcoming order details straight away!
No worries! Simply send us an email and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request. However, please note that a 25% charge will apply to orders that are skipped past the cutoff time to cover procurement fees. 

Your account

Simply type in your email address associated with your account at the Login page and click ‘Forgot Password’. An email will be sent to your inbox (if the correct email address was used) with instructions for resetting your password.

You can change your email address by following these steps:

Step 1: Select the person icon in the navigation bar in the right hand corner and select dashboard.
Step 2: On the left hand sidebar, select ‘Manage account’
Step 3: Under ‘Security’, you will be given the option to change your email there

For some subscribers, we have to manually adjust your delivery zone and this may not have been done yet! Send us a message and we can fix this for you right away! 

How do I change my address or phone number?

To change your address or phone number: 
Step 1: Log into your account
Step 2: On the left hand sidebar on your personal dashboard, select ‘Manage account’
Step 3: Under contact information, you will have the option to change your phone number and under delivery preferences, you will have the option to change your address.

Be sure that the information you have provided is accurate to avoid possible delivery issues. Click the ‘confirm’ button to save your changes.

Please note: if this is NOT done by your customization deadline for your next delivery, we will not receive the new information for this delivery. Please contact us at [email protected] to let us know of these changes


Delivery fee varies based on your postal code but will either be $2.99 or $3.99.

We deliver to London, Kitchener/Waterloo, Hamilton, Toronto and several other surrounding areas. Curious if we deliver to your area? Click here and type in your postal code!
If you and a group of friends live nearby and would like to receive FoodFund boxes, please let us know and we will try to accommodate!

  • In London, ON we deliver on two different days: Fridays and Saturdays between 10am and 6pm. If you reside in London, feel free to reach out to us to learn about when we are in your neighbourhood!  
  • Deliveries to most areas on the outskirts of London, ON (St. Thomas, Woodstock, Strathroy, etc.) will take place on Thursdays between 10am and 8pm. 
  • Deliveries within Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Cambridge, Elmira, Breslau, and St.Jacob’s, ON are Saturdays between 10am and 6pm. 
  • Deliveries to the Hamilton, ON and surrounding areas are Thursdays and Fridays between 10am-6pm.
  • Deliveries to the GTA and surrounding areas are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 10am-6pm. If you reside in or around the GTA, feel free to reach out to us to learn about when we are in your city!  
  • The exact time of delivery cannot be specified as it depends completely on where you are located. Our delivery team will provide you with the most accurate delivery window possible on the day of delivery if we have the correct cell phone number on file! We will ring the doorbell or knock to deliver the box unless requested otherwise. Amid the COVID-19 situation, we urge you to stay inside and wave to the delivery person rather than greet them face to face, they have been given strict instructions to practice social distancing.
No! We understand that your time is precious and shouldn’t be wasted waiting for the box to arrive if you have other things to do! Nonetheless, if you are able to stay home, it makes it easier for our drivers to deliver you the box and ensure the produce is fresh! If you would like, you can leave a cooler outside to keep the box fresh, too.
We send a text message to you on the day of delivery upon dispatch with a 1-2 hour delivery time window of when to expect your delivery. There are many circumstances that can either delay your delivery or have it arrive early. This text message also provides you with an opportunity to communicate any last-minute delivery instructions!
Unfortunately, your assigned delivery day cannot be changed. We organize our deliveries by your location within the city. By sorting our deliveries into zones, we are reducing our carbon footprint while still delivering perfectly imperfect produce to you!
No. Delivery times always vary due to a variety of circumstances such as packing pace, how many boxes are being packed that day, how many drivers are out that day, etc. 
We can deliver to any address within our delivery areas! This is not limited to homes, but includes offices, dorms, and public meeting places, too. For example, if your home address is outside our delivery zone, yet a library is within our delivery zone, we can deliver your box here for you to pick up! 

If you would like to share delivery instructions that will only apply one day, please respond as soon as possible to the delivery time text message we send with these instructions! If you would like to share long-term, every-delivery instructions, please include them to your Delivery Notes on your account!

To share your long term delivery instructions/preferences, follow these steps:
Step 1: On your personal dashboard, on the left hand menu select, ‘Manage account’.
Step 2: Under ‘delivery preferences’, select ‘change’.
Step 3: Type in your instructions and be sure to click confirm to ensure that your notes are saved!
Sure! We understand that life happens and routines can’t always be kept. Please email us to arrange to either pick up your order from one of our warehouses or to have your order delivered a different day! Please note that this is not something we can do repeatedly, but are happy to accommodate when possible!
We are delivering to apartment buildings during the COVID-19 crisis and have resumed deliveries to the door. However, to maintain efficiency, we ask that you provide a buzzer code or instructions for drop-off if you reside in a building with secured access entry. We will attempt to access via the provided information twice and if there is no answer, we will leave your box in the safest spot possible and send a message or call upon dropoff. We do not take responsibility for any box theft that occurs as a result and encourage you to collect your box promptly after the delivery is made.

Click here to view the chart to locate your delivery day, customization period, and order deadline.


When you place an order for the first time, you will be charged as soon as the order is placed. For every order after your first, we will pre-authorize payment the day after the customization window closes (this ensures the funds are available and holds them as a pending charge). Then, following the delivery date, the payment will be processed (or posted). Please note that if the pre-authorization fails, you will not be scheduled for a delivery. However, we will send an email alerting you if it fails to give you a chance to either update your payment details or provide another means of payment!

All of our orders go through our online website through a Credit Card or Visa/Mastercard Debit. All of your information is kept completely private, encrypted, and safe with our secured bank level system. Our payment processing system is called Stripe (www.stripe.com), which is used by major companies such as Adidas, Under Armour, Best Buy, Target, AirBnb and more!

You can find your order invoice by visiting your personal dashboard. On the left hand menu select, ‘My Orders’ > ‘Past orders’. If you have any completed orders, you will have access to the invoices.

To change your payment information go to your personal dashboard and in the left hand menu, select ‘Manage account’. You can change your payment information under ‘Payment method’.

We charge sales tax in accordance grocery and packaged goods regulations.

What's in the box

You will be able to make your selections for each week’s box during the customization period for your delivery area!
Your preferences are important to us however, we cannot guarantee that our produce does not come into contact with the other produce, the boxes, or the packing stations. There is a spot on your account where you are able to list the items you are allergic to or would rather not have and you can filter out your options on our shopping page. To list preferences/notes please visit your dashboard, on the left hand sidebar, select, ‘Manage account’. Under ‘delivery preferences’ select ‘change’ and there you will be given the option to add preferences. Be sure to confirm your changes so we can see your note!
We have fully organic products and fully conventional products available. You can find these options on our shop and you can easily filter these options by ‘Organic’ or ‘Conventional’

In a place like Canada, only limited fruits and vegetables are available locally year round. We try our best to source local recovered fruits and vegetables for as long as possible, however, during the colder months we do source from distributors so that we can provide this box year round to you! For the most part, our produce comes from Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Some examples of items that cannot be grown in Canada include: bananas, oranges, honey dew, etc.

Yes! We have recently begun providing various grocery items are available to include with your order. Browse through our shop to view the amazing selections that we offer! Interested in something that we don’t have listed? Send us a message and we can look into adding more options!

Some produce may arrive either quite unripe or just on time to eat! If you have items that are unripe and wish to have them ripen quicker, refer to these tips (in order of speediness!):

1) Leave the items out on the counter for a few days.
2) Place the items in a brown paper bag and close it up!
3) Include an apple or a banana in the paper bag with your item.

On the other hand, to prolong the freshness and ripeness of your items, place them in the fridge as soon as possible! 

We are currently working on including recipes in your box every week so that you can make the most of your FoodFund box! If you love to experiment and have done so with your box, tag us on Instagram or Facebook! If you create your own tasty recipe, send it to us so we can include it in an upcoming box or feature it on our website!

Our shop

At the moment, we do not include these items in our selection lists, but may do so in the future.
If there is food that can be saved, we will save it! Food waste in Canada is not limited to fruits and veggies; in fact, grocery staples may be turned down by the traditional food system for having outdated packaging, being short-coded, or having an expiry date that is deemed too short. By extending our impact beyond produce, we make progress towards our vision of a more sustainable and accessible food system for all. Not to mention, if we can offer more of your grocery list, we can collectively reduce the number of extra trips made to stores thereby reducing our carbon footprint. It’s a win-win!
For major grocers, short-coded refers to items that will soon be at the ‘best-by’ or ‘use-by’ date. These items are still good and consumable, despite not being up to major retailers’ selling standards.


We would love to hear about it! Send us an email about it: [email protected]
Unfortunately, we do not yet offer gift cards. However, you are able to place an order for and have it delivered to someone else! Feel free to reach out to us for help with this!
Food safety guidelines don’t allow us to reuse boxes, however, we encourage you to recycle them using your blue bin! OR get creative – let your pets make a cozy bed out of them or collect them to build a fort! We are not accepting any box returns during the COVID-19 crisis.

The nitty-gritty

Our primary goal is always to reduce food waste. While some items are in higher demand, there simply is not enough excess or imperfect quantities of these items to offer them regularly.
A big part of supporting farmers is helping them to earn a living for what they’ve provided! We also provide jobs to our ever-growing team. This is why we buy our produce from farmers, pack it up in our warehouses, and then sell it and deliver it to you!
By sourcing ugly and surplus produce for our boxes, we are not impacting what food banks receive. We source from the 5 billion pounds of produce that currently goes to waste on farms after food banks take what they can. In working with growers across the region, we do everything in our power to ensure that we are not purchasing produce that would otherwise be donated. The food banks in the cities we are in have confirmed that our sourcing has not affected their supply at all. In fact, the amount of produce they are sourcing from farms has increased over the period FoodFund has been around since 2017.

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