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Food Waste

Our Story

Why do 1 in 8 Canadians struggle to put food on the table when millions of pounds are thrown away ruthlessly? Trying to find answers, the spirit of FoodFund was born.

Nearly 58% of all food produced is wasted. Grocery stores have strict cosmetic standards and anything that looks or feels a little different is rejected or dumped. 

We started FoodFund as a response to food waste in Canada. We take those fruits and vegetables that are rejected and deliver them to your door weekly.

Our Promise

We promise that we will do our very best to consistently deliver you fresh, healthy and delicious produce each week. The mantra at FoodFund is: if we wouldn’t eat it, we wouldn’t expect you to either. Sure, the produce you receive may be a little small or a little large, perhaps asymmetrical or slightly discoloured, but it should never be aged, damaged, or moldy. You should feel proud to be part of a movement that is making real change in our food system, but not at the expense of receiving substandard produce for you or your family.
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