​We have built meaningful relationships with many farmers across Southwestern Ontario. It is because of these heroes that we are able to do what we do. It is time we introduce you to them and spread the local spirit.

D & A Farms

Meet Dave! Dave grows a wide variety of fruits and vegetables including tomatoes, zucchini, beans, watermelon, cantaloupe and much more! Dave has been in business for other 30 years, and was inspired to open the farm by his father who also owned a farm. Dave acknowledges that no two seasons are the same, the farming industry is affected by so many things. However, Dave has never let a problem remain unsolved, he always finds a way to provide the best quality and variety of fruits and vegetables to all his customers! Dave currently donates some of his surplus to food banks. Despite donating surplus to food banks, Dave still faces the issue of food waste. FoodFund will allow him to better solve that issue!

Nickel's Orchards

Meet David! David is our nectarine and peach supplier! David and his dad have been producing these delicious fruits for 55 years. They are the second owners of the land since Canadian Confederation. With 135 acres of land, and thousands of pounds of fruit being packaged and shipped out every day, the quantity of misshapen and surplus fruits is almost unimaginable. David is excited to see what FoodFund can do with his fruits to help others!

JP Gladstone Farms

Meet Jackie! Jackie is our sweet potato farmer! Jackie and her husband opened their sweet potato farm, JP Gladstone Farms, in 1999 in Chatham, Ontario! Through many years of hard work, expansion, and even a current large renovation, Jackie has always kept customers in mind and taken every step to ensure the sweet potatoes grown are fresh and tasty! Ever farmer struggles with food wastage and they have tried to find ways to minimize this. Jackie tries to give all her surplus to food banks, sell them to animal farms and use them as fertilizer. Often there is still waste. “Some years, the amount that is wasted, it’s just a shame” Jackie is excited to be a part of FoodFund which reduces her waste and helps others!